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Intro to C++

ONLINE CLASS Half Day - Afternoon
Entering Grades 5 - 8
June 10 - June 14 1:00PM - 4:00PM Central Time Katie Turner

$165.00 for 1 week

Come join us to learn one of the most popular coding languages C++. Currently, C++ is used in game development and in the creation of game engines, serving as the backbone and fundamental of many other coding experiences. C++ is an incredibly powerful language which gives it an advantage over other languages. Experience the thrill of creating your own C++ projects, and in making friends along the way! 

This course requires a account this account can be created during the camp though :)

As a special addition, this course will also introduce students to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by incorporating AI lessons into the curriculum. Through these lessons, students will gain a deeper understanding of how AI can be integrated into various aspects of programming, preparing them for the future of technology.

Course Description

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