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Intro to Java

ONLINE CLASS Half Day - Afternoon
Entering Grades 5 - 8
July 29 - August 2 1:00PM - 4:00PM Central Time Kamryn Jimenez, Jayden Ugarte

$165.00 for 1 week

(Payment plan is available! See payment section.)

Join us in learning the world's most popular coding language! This class will focus on object-oriented coding. Java is a great introductory language for coding beginners or veterans. It's currently used across all professional fields and is used in Minecraft, website applications, mobile apps, and various software applications. Sign up to see what the hype is all about, and upgrade your knowledge. 

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This course is run virtually through Discord. You can download Discord here:

As a special addition, this course will also introduce students to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by incorporating AI lessons into the curriculum. Through these lessons, students will gain a deeper understanding of how AI can be integrated into various aspects of programming, preparing them for the future of technology.

Course Description

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(Payment plan is available! See payment section.)

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