Roblox Gamers Club in Cypress | Coder Kids Houston

Roblox Gamers Club
@ VillaSport Cypress
Entering Grades 3 - 6

1 week
VillaSport Cypress
12951 Barker Cypress Rd
Cypress, TX 77429

To sign up, please visit

Villasport does not honor Coder Kids coupons.

Please note that prices for these camps are set by Villasport, and you may find lower priced camps offered by Coder Kids at other locations for non-gym members. 

Do you have a child who loves Roblox? Digging a mine, escaping from jail, hunting killer sharks—this game has it all! In this class, students will make new “real-world” friends they can play Roblox with, in a safe environment, with an instructor present. This class will also include lessons about digital citizenship and online safety.