Code a Drone
@ Best in Class - Champions

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Code a Drone

Best in Class - Champions Full Day
Entering Grades 3 - 6
5505 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W Ste. E (518)
Houston, TX, 77069
July 29 - May 24 1:00PM - 9:13PM

$0.00 for 0 day

Don’t just fly drones, let us teach you how to code the drone to fly!

In this class, students will code, fly, and navigate through challenges using block-based programming.  Block-based programming is built for beginners and makes the fundamentals for moving into more advanced programming languages. By the end of our class, students will have a small portfolio of flight programs to show off to friends and the skills to build their own. No coding experience required.

This class is open to all community members

Course Description

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