Minecraft Modding in North Dallas | Coder Kids Dallas

Minecraft Modding
@ Alcuin School
Entering Grades 4 - 8

1 week
Alcuin School
6144 Churchill Way
Dallas, TX 75230

Summer camps are open to the community. To sign up, please visit https://www.alcuinschool.org/page/school-life/alcuin-summer

Alcuin does not honor any discounts/promo codes from Coder Kids.

Minecraft Modding is all about creating new worlds, setting the conditions, and having fun! In this class, students will use Code Kingdoms to create their own mods, like a one-shot bow-and-arrow game, a survival game, and a hunger games mod. By the end of the week, students will be able to set the conditions to build their own games using Java, and they will have a deeper knowledge of the programming language.